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Happy birthday Geri Halliwell: See her star sign and read your horoscope

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Happy birthday Geri Halliwell! As the former Spice Girl turns 42, HELLO! Online takes a look at what the stars have in store for Geri and you...Are you starting to feel exhausted or exasperated? The astrological indications for these two states are similar. It's not always easy to tell which a person is suffering from. It's also likely that the two are linked. Often when we feel tired out, it is because something or someone has drained our strength. And when we reach the end of our tether, nothing heals and helps like a good night's sleep. Rest today, where you can, when you can. And don't be bugged by 'you-know-what'. It is not worth the energy that it is draining from you.Read your horoscope here

geri halliwell© Photo: Getty Images
Geri Halliwell
Geri Halliwell

rose to fame as a member of the girl band

Spice Girls

, with their 1996 single


topping the charts around the world. Within six months the five girls were icons of popular culture. In 1997, however, "Ginger Spice" decided to leave the group after she was told the band's schedule didn't allow time for her to give an interview about breast cancer – subject close to Geri's heart.After selling off her Spice Girls' memorabilia at Sotheby's, raising $250,000 for charity in the process, she was asked to be a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations, freeing her from her bawdy, cartoon Ginger Spice image. And in 1999, her first solo single was released. Entitled

Look At Me,

the video laid Ginger to rest for good.In 2001 Geri released a cover version of The Weathergirls'

It's Raining Men

a title which was sadly at odds with her private life. Of all the five girls, Geri has had least luck in the love stakes.Although she is said to have dated Robbie Williams – who was once linked with Sporty Spice – she herself has joked that her ideal man is "probably gay". The singer gave birth to daughter Bluebell Madonna on 14 May 2006, after a brief romance with Hollywood script writer Sacha Gervasi. The flame-haired beauty is now in a relationship with F1 boyfriend Christian Horner.When Bluebell's christening brought all the former Spice Girls back together – save Mel B, who was in LA with her three-week-old baby Angel Iris – reports started circulating that a reunion tour was on the cards. The stories turned out to be true, with the band going on the road in December 2007, to phenomenal success. However, in February 2008 they announced that they were going their separate ways again due to family commitments."I feel a mixture of sadness and joy. I know it's time to come home but I will miss everyone," said Geri as the tour's final date approached. "What I have learnt is that I can never say never. If you"d asked me ten years ago if I would have been at Madison Square Garden with the Spice Girls, I would have said no. But look what has happened, and that is my lesson," she said.

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