Tori Spelling says she is 'proud' of husband Dean McDermott for working on himself

Things are back on track for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott.

The couple saw their eight year marriage rocked earlier this year when it was revealed Dean had been unfaithful. But they are working hard to mend their relationship and move forward.


Tori Spelling has said she is 'proud' of husband Dean McDermott

Reality star Tori, 41, took to her official blog this week to share a sweet post about her husband.

"As all of you know, our family has been through a lot this last year," the mum-of-four wrote. "I'm happy and proud to say that we are doing really well, and that Dean and I are working very hard to make our relationship and our family better than ever.

"I'm proud of Dean for all of the hard work he's been doing on himself," she added.

Earlier this year, Dean, 47, entered rehab and the pair went to couple’s therapy – as seen by viewers of Tori's docu-series True Tori.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott with their four children

The couple, who married in 2006, have four children together; Liam, seven, Stella, six, Hattie, two and Finn, 22 months.

Tori has said she hopes that by being seen to work on their marriage, they will be able to pass on a strong message to their children, as well as Dean's teenage son from a previous marriage.

"We made it through," she previously told E! News. "And we can talk about it freely and say, 'You know, things aren't always easy and you've got to work on a relationship, and sometimes things happen that aren't great but you move forward.

"I hope that's the case, and I hope to be able to talk to them about it."