Why Oliver Cheshire and Pixie Lott are putting marriage on hold

They have been dating for four years now, but Pixie Lott and Oliver Cheshire aren't ready to tie the knot just yet.

While he is totally besotted with his pop princess girlfriend, Oliver, 26, told Attitude magazine that the couple are too busy with their respective careers to think about getting married.


Oliver Cheshire and Pixie Lott are 'too busy' to think about marriage just yet

"We're both still young, she's 23, I’m 26," the male model said. "I think a lot of people rush in crazy to stuff, which is fine, you can do, if that suits you. But why change it, if we're happy at the moment?"

He added, "We are both very career driven at the moment. Pixie's got her new album out and I'm busy flying about everywhere. We're both happy with the way things are. We live together, we see our friends a lot… we're always going out for dates and nice dinners."

Pop star Pixie Lott has been dating Oliver Cheshire for four years

That's not to say that we won't be hearing wedding bells in the future for the young couple. Oliver recently told the Mirror that he definitely wants to marry the blonde star.

"We're both very career driven, but soon," he said. "Obviously I'd love to marry her. I love her."

He also hopes to start a family in the future. "I'd love kids with her, of course," he continued. "All my family have got loads of kids. That's what we're on the planet to do. I'd like three or four. And I like the name Rupert for a boy."