Andy Murray keeps ring close during first tennis tournament since wedding

Andy Murray found a novel way to wear his wedding ring during his first tennis tournament as a married man. The 27-year-old tied the band to his shoelaces as he competed in the final of the BMW Open in Munich on Monday.

The ring may have even proved to be a good luck charm as Andy beat his opponent Philipp Kohlschreiber in the match.



Andy Murray tied his wedding ring to his shoelaces

Andy is said to want to "keep the ring close to him" following his nuptials to Kim Sears. A source told the Daily Mail: "He doesn't want to wear it when he plays, as if you are gripping with both hands on the back swing the ring can catch."

The Scotsman had his wedding ring back on his hand by the time he collected his prize which included $80,000, a hybrid i8 BMW sports car and a pair of lederhosen, which he gamely wore to collect his trophy.

It was Andy's first on-court appearance since he married Kim at Dunblane Cathedral in April. Speaking following the wedding, the former Wimbledon champion revealed he wasn't sure what to do with his ring during matches.


Andy Murray won his first tennis tournament following his wedding

"I might wear it on a necklace, but the necklace I got broke the first day I got it," he said ahead of the BMW Open. "I was on a physio bed and it got caught, just snapped off. I can't play with it [on his finger], because it gives me blisters."

Andy also said that he did not think playing as a married man would affect his tennis, but admitted that it was taking time to get used to referring to Kim as "my wife".

"I've made that mistake a few times," Andy admitted. "I've referred to her quite a few times as 'my girlfriend'. But I'm sure I'll get used to that in a few weeks."