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Katie Piper considering adoption after learning she cannot conceive naturally

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Katie Piper has revealed she would like to adopt a child with burns after struggling to conceive naturally for a second time. The 31-year-old TV presenter, who is a proud mummy to one-year-old Belle, was left with horrific injuries after an acid attack in 2008. And while she had no problems falling pregnant the first time, new complications from burns to her throat have meant she is unable to eat and has a vitamin deficiency which has left her unable to have a second baby.

Katie Piper has revealed she is considering adopting a child

"I got pregnant really easily with Belle, but now I've got a problem with my oesophagus," Katie explained to the Mirror. "If I eat anything it gets stuck and I choke, because when acid was thrown over me I swallowed some of it and it burned my throat."So I've been to the doctor and he has given me these vitamin shakes, which replace proper food. I take them every day.

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Katie is already a mother to one-year-old Belle

"But there aren't enough vitamins to help me make a baby. That is why I have become so skinny. I think adopting is the best option."The star, who is engaged to James Sutton, added, "I'm really thinking about adopting a child from the charity that I work with. There are lots of kids with burns and parents who have neglected them, and I would like to adopt, to give a little back."In 2009, Katie set up the Katie Piper Foundation to help victims of burns and other disfigurements. The brave presenter has endured more than 40 surgical operations to treat her injuries following the horrific acid attack; just last month she underwent an operation on her nose to help her breathe properly.

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The star is engaged to Richard James Sutton

She says her "amazing" fiancé James is her rock. "I've got a skin graft from my bottom and put inside both my nostrils. That's why I've got these tubes (in my nose). I may have to wear them for a long time, but my boyfriend says not to worry."He loves me the way I am, which is amazing. I had kind of given up on dating and I had resigned myself to being on my own and adopting, but then I met him. It's more important to be able to breathe that what I look like, and I can actually breathe now."

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