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Ed Westwick's serial killer in 'Wicked City': 'He's not just a straight-up monster'

By Alex Cramer

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Ed Westwick brought plentyof drama during his starring role as Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl. Now, theBritish actor is returning to the small screen to play the lead role in the newABC series Wicked City. Ed and Parenthood’s Erika Christensen play a pair of serial killers who are on the run from detectives.

“I love thelayers. I mean it’s not just a straight-up monster,” he told HELLO! of hischaracter, Kent Galloway, during the BAFTA Tea Party on Saturday, September 19, in L.A. “Imean he is a monster but there’s a lot of other things going on there.”

Ed returns to TV in Wicked City Photo: Getty Images

The role of a serial killeris far different from his most famous role, as the enigmatic heartbreaker onGossip Girl. “It’s going to blow people’sminds, and it’s fantastic and I’m having a very, very interesting amazing timedoing this,” he shared. “It’s a dark one. It’s a dark one.”

Going from mischievous toreally dark was something Ed was eager to do. He explained: “Ithink that one of the things that you’re always looking for is a challenge, andthat’s why I was so excited to come back to television and especially to comeback to this job because it is such a challenge.”

Ed and co-star Erika play serial killers Photo: Getty Images

Even though the Englishactor is only 28, it feels like he has been with us for ages. Hespoke about the time he first felt like he made it as an actor. “My firstproject was a film called Breaking and Entering, which was directed by the lateAnthony Minghella,” he said of the 2006 film that he made when he was still in his teens. “I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by peoplewho are everything that I aspire and want to be. It was incredible.”

Ed isn’t the only GossipGirl alum to be making a return to the TV. His co-star Chace Crawford will bedebuting on the new show ABC show Blood and Oil, where he’ll be starring with DonJohnson and Rebecca Rittenhouse as a man looking to make his fortune in a NorthDakota oil field.

Wicked City will premiereon ABC on October 27 at 10 p.m. ET.

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