Bryce Dallas Howard on 'Jurassic World 2' and 'messy' Halloweens

The dinosaurs on screen in Jurassic World may be CGI creations, but for Bryce Dallas Howard’s 3-year-old old daughter Beatrice, the prehistoric beasts are all too real. Since her mom is the star of the blockbuster hit, "I think in particular for my daughter she feels like it's all the more possible that there might be dinosaurs out there – and I think that's a little terrifying for her," the actress told HELLO!.


Bryce Dallas Howard looked stunning on the red carpet at the opening night gala at the Los Angeles Philharmonic Photo: Getty Images

And with Halloween coming up will Beatrice or son Theodore, 8, be trick-or-treating as little dinos? "There was a dinosaur the last couple of years in my family for sure!" Bryce told us during our chat at the opening night gala for the Los Angeles Philharmonic. "This year, I don't know what they're gonna be. We try to delay the conversation as long as possible to prevent multiple costume making sessions."

The 34-year-old mother-of-two actually creates her children’s Halloween costumes – or at least, she admitted, "We try to. Or you know, duct tape them together. Honestly, that's what it usually ends up being." Her most challenging do-it-yourself costume to do date was a bear outfit for her son last year. "You would think it'd be easy, but you have to kind of cover all the surface area and then we had a whole bee motif, and that was really confusing because we had bees near the bear. It got really messy."


Bryce and Chris Pratt will star in the sequel to Jurassic WorldPhoto: Getty Images

But what's really creating a buzz is Bryce’s career, which has been in overdrive since her summer hit Jurassic World grossed over $1.5 billion worldwide. Fans were very excited by the recent announcement that she will be returning for the sequel.

"We know Owen [Chris Pratt’s character] is going to be in it and Claire [Bryce’s character] will be in it, and neither will be in the same place that we left them in this movie," director Colin Trevorrow revealed in an interview with the Jurassic World podcast. "The two of them opened Pandora's Box in Jurassic World and each of them are responsible for different elements of it in different ways."

Bryce mentioned what she’d most like to see in the next film. "I’d love a pair of good flats. I’d love a pair of good flats, although I love heels too," said the redhead, who famously ran from rampaging predators in a pair of high heels in the first film.

Jurassic World 2 is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2018.