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Chris Hemsworth says daughter India recognises him as Thor

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Chris Hemsworth has revealed his children are still getting their heads around his A-List status. The actor, who has three children with wife Elsa Pataky, said while his daughter India Rose has started to recognise him on screen, she doesn't yet understand his role as an actor.

"It's weird – my daughter can see Thor and go 'that's dad', or papa or whatever she chooses to call me," Chris told The Today Show. "But I don't know if she comprehends what it is – have I disappeared into the box or what?"

Chris Hemsworth said his daughter India recognises him as Thor

The Australian actor also added that it can be hard rehearsing for roles at home around his three young children, India Rose, three, and twins Tristan and Sasha, one.

"My daughter, I'll be running lines and she'll be like 'why are you talking to yourself?' and trying to explain that to a three-year-old is impossible," Chris said.

The In the Heart of The Sea actor and his wife Elsa Pataky moved back to Byron Bay in his native Australia in 2014, in a bid to maintain a family base while they are both busy travelling with work – a decision Chris definitely doesn't regret.

ChrisHemsworth © Photo: Getty Images

Chris and his wife Elsa Pataky have three children together

"The more we travel and once we had kids, it got more and more chaotic and logistically, cots and prams and endless bags and kids, you know," the actor explained. "So, to kind of be in one place is important and what better place to come home to."

Chris has previously said that moving back to Australia was "the best decision" he's ever made, telling Australia's Daily Telegraph that he thinks the laidback lifestyle is better suited to his young family than Los Angeles.

"It's the first time in years I've felt like I have a home again," Chris said. "For ten years, I've had no base and led a pretty nomadic existence. Since we moved back, I feel much more grounded, and I like that.

"We were living in California and it just wasn't conducive for the lifestyle that we wanted with kids. Los Angeles is tricky to get around, there's paparazzi to deal with, and I had this feeling that I just wanted to move back to Australia."

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