You won't believe your eyes – this isn't Kim Kardashian

Is anyone else seeing double? Kim Kardashian has the most convincing doppelganger in the form of Kamilla Osman. The queen of reality TV's lookalike is based in Toronto and works as a fashion designer and blogger.

She may not have as many Instagram followers as Kim's 55.1 million, but Kamilla, who seems to have followed in Kim's footsteps by spelling her name with a K, has just over 75,000 fans. She set up her account three months ago.

The raven-haired beauty has even received comments from people asking whether she is related to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. However it looks like Kamilla is just a very dedicated superfan of Kanye West's wife.

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Kamilla Osman is Kim Kardashian's most convincing doppelganger by far

She has perfected Kim's contouring and like the TV star, is partial to a selfie or five. Kamilla has shared snaps of her face from all angles, showing just how identical she is to 35-year-old Kim.

Like North West's mum, Kamilla likes to pose for photos at the hair salon, in bathrooms, out shopping, at restaurants and in the car. But she's also comfortable in her own skin, as she admitted in one make-up free selfie.

The blogger sports the same dark hair and heavy contouring as Kim

Apart from her dark hair and heavy contouring, Kamilla also resembles Kim in her style. She has perfected the Kardashian look in her choice of clothing, opting for tight bodycon dresses and daring crop tops.

She favours the same neutral colours as Kim, like white, black, grey and camel, to show off her killer curves and tiny waist.

Kamilla has even perfected Kim's voice and style

She has even perfected Kim's voice and in videos posted to Instagram, Kamilla likes to speak in a similar way.

The Canada-based social media star says in one clip: "My skin got so dry this winter and it's just like are you kidding me? Look at this. No matter how much I moisturise it, it's still dry."

Can you tell Kim and her lookalike apart? Leave your comments below.