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Kendall Jenner purchases Emily Blunt and John Krasinski's incredible Hollywood home

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Kendall Jenner has bought a stunning house previously owned by John Krasinskiand Emily Blunt worth an incredible $6.5million (£4.8million). This is the 20-year-old reality show star's second home, as she already owns a two-bedroom condo worth $1.39million (£1.2million).  

The contemporary-style home is situated on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, and boasts of six bedrooms, five bedrooms and a private swimming pool, and according to TMZ, the supermodel ended $450,000 below the original asking price.


kendall 2© Photo: Getty Images

This is the second property owned by the supermodel 

Emily and John's home is well-known to fans of the two stars, as it has been the subject of several pranks done by the couple's neighbour and close friend, Jimmy Kimmel. In 2014, the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live gift wrapped the entire 4,800 square-foot home and shared the couple's reactions on the show.

So where are Emily and John moving to? According to reports, the Hollywood couple are moving to the East Coast of the US to raise their family, as Emily is currently expecting their second child.

emily blunt© Photo: Getty Images

According to reports, John and Emily plan to move to the East Coast

The Edge of Tomorrow star has opened up about her pregnancy, revealing how it was different to when she was pregnant with her first child, Hazel. 

She said: "The first pregnancy is the most self-indulgent thing in the world because you get massages and prenatal yoga and hypnotherapy DVDs. During this one I forget that I'm even pregnant. I'm hoisting my two-year-old around!"


She also revealed how her two-year-old daughter doesn't want to be a big sister, telling Jimmy Kimmel: "She quite likes being top dog at the moment, I think. I broached it with her and the first response when I said, 'You know Hazel, there's a baby in there; you're going to be a big sister', did not go well.

"She looked at me and she went, 'Nope.' And I went 'Yes.' That was the first talk. I've bought her every 'I'm a big sister' book out there."

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