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Exclusive: Fearne Cotton talks changing her outlook on life and staying happy

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She got her big break at 15 and since then we've watched Fearne Cotton go from a kids' TV presenter to a radio queen and one of the most prominent faces on television. But one of the biggest changes Fearne has faced over the last few years is becoming mum to children Rex and Honey.

Unsurprisingly motherhood has matured Fearne, 34, and these days it's less about ticking boxes career-wise, with the focus firmly on family, friends and happiness. She recently teamed up with YouTube Channel Pretty Upfront to launch a strand called Fearne’s Happiness Project, and here she opens up to HELLO! Online about how she stays content.


fearne1© Photo: Rex

Fearne Cotton's outlook on life has changed since marrying Jesse Wood and having children

Fearne says: "As I've gotten older what I want out of life has changed massively, and it's less about achieving things and goals and more about general wellbeing and happiness.

"Working on this new series has been so wonderful, it doesn't feel like work! Happiness is a subject I'm massively interested outside of work and I'm always trying to find new ways of feeling good and navigating through this weird terrain that is our lives."

She and husband Jesse Wood are parents to Rex, three, and 10-month-old Honey, and Fearne credits spending time with her family for giving her a boost if she's ever feeling run down, or indulging in one of her favourite hobbies: yoga.

fearne2© Photo: Rex

Now she much prefers to indulge in the simple things life has to offer

"If I'm feeling a bit rubbish, it can be instantly switched up by hanging with my kids, my husband or good friends," Fearne explains. "As I've got older I've realised it really is simple things like that, or yoga or swimming or baking – whatever little hobby or ritual you need to kind of click yourself back in."

It's clear Fearne is a very hands on parent. During our chat she is soothing Honey while simultaneously entertaining Rex, all while sounding cool as a cucumber. Dealing with their ever-changing emotions is something she's still getting used to, Fearne admits.

She says: "It's so temperamental when they're little because every moment of the day is a reaction to something in a good way or in a negative way, it's a non-stop juggling of their emotions and that's a real minefield for a parent.

She has teamed up with Pretty Upfront to launch Fearne's Happiness Project

"If they eat well that makes me really happy. Honey eats well, but Rex is really fussy and I find it realty hard. There are times when he's really off his food, and that's something I need to work on personally."

And what are Fearne's ultimate tips for happiness? "Keep things simple, go easy on yourself, don't things too personally and don't take life too seriously," she insists.

Fearne’s Happiness Project is a collaboration with Pretty Upfront in partnership with Benefit Cosmetics UK

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