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10 of the best Spice Girls moments

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Mel B, Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton Geri Horner and Melanie C: five women who conquered the world and went on to become one of the best-selling girl bands in history.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut single Wannabe, we take a look back at some of the Spice Girls' best moments

Spice Girls meet the royals

spice moments2© Photo: Getty Images

This photo is all kinds of amazing. We have Melanie C thumbing Prince Charles' face, who looks incredibly uncomfortable. Posh Spice before she was international fashion designer Victoria Beckham and look at little Prince Harry and his Justin Bieber-style haircut!

Spice Girls Rolling Stones cover

spice moments3

Not only is it incredible that the Spice Girls had a Rolling Stones cover, they also gave an absolutely mental interview. Here's some of the highlights:

"I don't know who AOL are," said Mel B. She was then told about AOL. "I love America Online," Mel backtracked. "It's a chance to speak to the world. I want an internet. Can I have one of these?"

Geri on pinching Prince Charles' bum – "It wasn't bad. How old is he? Fifty-odd? It was like a waterbed. Something to grab hold of. He tensed it quickly."

After the interview, the girls made like rock stars and trashed the hotel room.

Spice Girls and that union jack dress

It's been called one of the most iconic moments in British pop history. At the 1997 BRITs, the Spice Girls were scheduled to perform after being nominated for five awards. Geri didn't want to wear the black Gucci dress she'd been given (the stylist obviously didn't know that was such a Victoria outfit) so glued a union jack tea towel to the front of it. A year later, Geri auctioned it off for more than £40,000.

Spice Girls at the Olympics

When the girls performed at the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony in London, Victoria slipped straight back into Posh Spice mode. While the other girls danced energetically, VB posed and pointed – and we wouldn't have had it any other way.

Spice Girls in a Spice World

Spice World The Movie Trailer

When Scary, Sporty, Baby, Posh and Ginger branched out into film, they received mostly negative reviews from critics. Despite this, the film grossed over $100million worldwide and provided some complete cinema gold. Like Victoria Beckham driving a union jack bus in heels. "Hold on to your knickers, girls!"

Spice Girls and The Sugar Lumps

spice moments7© Photo: Getty Images

When they released 1997 single Who Do You Think You Are, the Spice Girls enlisted the help of the Sugar Lumps for the music video. They were a group of "doppelgängers", consisting of: Kathy Burke as Melanie C, Dawn French as Victoria, Llewella Gideon as Mel B, Lulu as Emma and Jennifer Saunders as Geri. Genius!

Spice Girls and Pepsi

Continuing on their quest for world domination, the Spice Girls signed a deal with Pepsi in 1997 to take over Europe. They appeared on posters, cans and bottles, released a promotional single and starred in three television adverts – which netted them a cool £5million.

Spice Girls and the Spice babies

In 2008 the girls came back together for a new world tour – but this time, they weren't alone. All but Mel C had children of their own at the time of the tour, and Victoria's son Cruz stole the show with his breakdancing.


Spice Girls and Tesco Christmas

Spice Girls Tesco Commerical

During that reunion, the girls starred in a brilliant Christmas advert for Tesco, which was basically Spice World 2. We loved it.

Spice Girls and basically all of their songs

Girl power. Feminism. Body confidence. Safe sex. Anti-shaming. The importance of great friends and family. The Spice Girls' music taught us so much. Sure, they were only around for a few short years, but they undoubtedly helped to shape a whole generation.  

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