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Laura Trott and Jason Kenny: Everything you need to know about the Olympic power couple

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It's the kind of relationship you see in the movies; Laura Trott and Jason Kenny have become the golden couple of the Rio Games. When they return to the UK later this week, they'll bring with them a record-breaking five gold medals following their impressive victories.

Add those to the five they already have at home and you have a sporting power couple. Laura, 24, has more gold medals than any other British female athlete, and 28-year-old Jason's win at the velodrome on Tuesday put him on par with legend Sir Chris Hoy.


trott1© Photo: Getty Images

Laura Trott and Jason Kenny are a sporting power couple after their Rio victories

Despite their inspiring and impressive success, Laura and Jason lead a relatively normal life. They live near Knutsford in Cheshire with their two dogs – and even have cute pet names for each other. Laura has previously revealed she calls Jason her "superhero" and "King Kenny", and there's no denying they're the king and queen of British sports.

Even Jason's proposal in 2014 was executed with little fanfare. A few days before Christmas Laura, just out of the shower, was curled up on the sofa watching EastEnders when he popped the question.

trott2© Photo: Getty Images

Even David Beckham couldn't distract Laura from her man during the London Games in 2012

Laura explained to MailOnline: "He was acting weird for a good half an hour and I was like, 'What is the matter with him?' And then he walked over to our bookshelf and got this ring out and got down on one knee."

Pictures of the couple congratulating each other after their wins in Rio show just how in love they are, but Laura and Jason never put anything before their careers. They went public with the relationship during the London Games, but only after they were snapped kissing at the women's beach volleyball final.

trott4© Photo: Instagram

Jason proposed to Laura while she was watching EastEnders at home

She later explained that it wasn't a new thing, adding: "Been a little while now just didn't want the distraction before the Games."

And you won't catch Laura and Jason letting the success go to their heads. Her sister Emma spoke to Good Morning Britain on Wednesday morning and insisted: "They will just be Laura and Jason and that's what I love about them. Laura rung me after the race and we spoke about everything but racing. And I don't think, yes they will be noticed, but will they be any more noticed than they were after London?"

One thing Laura does want for her man? A knighthood! "If anything I want him to become a Sir so I can become Lady Laura," she joked.  

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