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Scott Eastwood recalls the tragic car accident that killed his girlfriend

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Scott Eastwood has opened up about the unexpected death of his girlfriend that left him heartbroken. The 30-year-old actor has never spoken about his past love and chose not to name her in a candid interview with GQ Australia.

Asked when the last time he cried was, Clint Eastwood's son said: "I dated a girl a couple of years ago who died in a car accident. It was a fender bender, and there was a recall on airbags."

He explained: "Her airbag exploded. It shot a projectile through her body. It split her spine, and um... I've never told anybody that."


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Scott Eastwood explained: "Maybe it's made it harder for me to date"

Scott added: "I've lost friends before; I've lost some great friends. But, I had never lost someone I had been really intimate with, you know, like in that way, in a relationship. I think that really affected me in a way that... I don't know. Maybe it's made it harder for me to date."

The Suicide Squad star, who has previously been linked to Nina Dobrev and Adriana Lima, is currently single. He mused: "It's easy to fall in love when you're young, right? And then you start to realise those feelings of love and stuff, passion, love, lust, sometimes they come very quickly, but they can also leave quickly."

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Clint taught him that everything must be earned

Before making a name for himself in Hollywood, Scott had to work hard and even used his mother's maiden name Reeves to avoid nepotism. From the beginning his Academy Award-winning dad instilled the Code of Eastwood – everything must be earned.

At 17, he put himself through school at Santa Barbara City College and between auditions in LA he cleared restaurant tables and worked as a bartender.

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"He wouldn't give me a dime," said Scott

Scott said: "I called [Dad] and was like, 'I've got this job, can I get eight grand to buy a truck? I'm working this job, I can pay you back 'X' amount a month, you know,' and I remember the phone going silent... And he'd just be like, 'Yeah, no. You're fine with what you're doing.' He wouldn't give me a dime.

"And I don't want to give him all the credit, because Mum had a huge part in raising me too, and making me a better man, but he definitely was the hammer. I was... I was a hustler, a straight hustler to make it, and to get where I am. I love that. I still have that hustler mentality."

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