Exclusive: Laila Rouass says wedding to Ronnie O'Sullivan isn't on the cards yet

Sharnaz Shahid

Although it's been over three years since her fiancé popped the question, Laila Rouass has revealed she is in no rush to get married.

Speaking exclusively to HELLO! Online on Tuesday, the 45-year-old actress confirmed she hasn’t set a date for her big day as she continues to focus on her nine-year-old daughter, Inez.

The former Footballers' Wives actress - who is currently promoting Disney's new musical, The Lodge - became engaged to Ronnie O'Sullivan in 2013 after one year of dating.



Laila Rouass told HELLO! Online exclusively that she is in no rush to get married again

"I haven’t set a wedding date yet," she confessed. "I haven’t got a clue and I haven’t even thought about marriage.

"Oh god, it scares the hell out of me. I'm too busy with my daughter and he's playing in China at the moment so marriage isn't on the cards just yet."

What is on the cards for Rouass, who is also famed for appearing on Strictly Come Dancing and Holby City, is the release of her new show, The Lodge, a live-action musical in which she plays the role of Olivia, a vivacious mother who is motivated by a sense of guilt over her divorce from her child’s father.

One draw for Rouass was the fact that her daughter Inez will be able to watch the programme.


The former Footballers' Wives actress became engaged to Ronnie O'Sullivan in 2013 after one year of dating

"It was appealing and also the fact that I have a nine-year-old daughter who is very excited about the show," she said. "And you can't turn Disney down."

Of course being a busy working mum doesn't come without its challenges for the actress.

"Time management is really important," she explained. "A friend of mine was saying she doesn’t have any time to herself, so I think it's really important to have that.


"I haven’t got a clue and I haven’t even thought about marriage," she confessed

"Even if it means just going out to have some coffee or taking time out for half an hour for some breathing time. Keeping them [children] active as well.

"Bonding over something like that and getting excited to doing those things helps too. Watching a new TV show or listening to the new Justin Bieber track, you have to really be part of it and engage in it."

Disney The Lodge also stars comedienne Ellie Taylor and will air on the Disney Channel, Fridays at 5.30pm from 23rd September.