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Keira Knightley opens up about life with daughter Edie: 'She's literally repeating everything'

Keira Knightley became a first-time mother when she gave birth to her baby daughter, Edie, last year. And since taking on her new role, the British actress has opened up about the pressures of motherhood - which includes watching every word she says!

On Saturday's upcoming episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, the 31-year-old recalled the night of Donald Trump's US election win where she was shocked to see her 19-month-old's outburst. "She is talking a lot, she's running, she's literally repeating everything we say so we're having to be really careful, and we are being really careful." The Atonement star went on to reveal how her daughter – whom she shares with husband James Righton – shouted out an explicit word upon hearing the result, which left Keira feeling "proud".


keira© Photo: Rex

Keira Knightley has opened up about life with baby daughter Edie

Later on in the show, the mother-of-one discussed her plans for Christmas where she admitted that her and husband have been having "trial" dinners with their little girl. "We've actually been testing out and making Sunday roasts to see if she could sit at the table for long enough for Christmas dinner," she explained. "And all that keeps happening is she looks at the brussel sprouts and she goes, 'Ball! Ball!' and she grabs them and lobs them at you. It's actually quite astonishing how much that hurts. So I'm hoping that doesn't happen on Christmas day."

keira 2z© Photo: Getty Images

 "She's literally repeating everything," the star said

Speaking about what presents little Edie will receive this year, Keira confessed she loves buying her daughter the gifts she always wanted as a child. "I've got all of my kids gifts… When I was little, what I really, really wanted was one of those plastic kitchens and I never got one and I had to befriend somebody at school who I didn't like at all but just so I could go and play with her plastic kitchen so actually when I got pregnant, before the baby arrived, the first thing I did was buy this plastic kitchen that I'd always wanted as a kid. 

"But now the problem is for Christmas she'll probably get things to go with the plastic kitchen but I don’t want her to touch it because it’s mine so she does try and go near it but she just ruins everything in the kitchen and I have to get her away."

The Christmas special, which will air on ITV at 10.05pm on Saturday, sees Keira joined by Kylie Minogue, Paul Hollywood, Miranda Hart and David Walliams.

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