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Denzel Washington visited his childhood librarian for her 99th birthday

By Sarah Walker

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Denzel Washington is one of Hollywood's biggest stars, but he proved recently that he hasn't forgotten his roots. While in Atlanta filming his latest movie, Fences, the 61-year-old actor made a visit to a nursing home to see one of his biggest fans: Miss Connie, his childhood librarian.

The reason for the pop-in was sweet and sentimental: it was the retired librarian's 99th birthday in November, and on the big day the pair had a brief phone call where Denzel promised he would greet her in person in December.

My Friend's Grandma met Denzel Washington for her 99th birthday

In a YouTube video of the phone call, the senior can be heard chatting to the Philadelphia actor about her time loaning out books to students at the Mt. Vernon public library in New York. She recalled a young Denzel as being cute, and went on to say he was her "special library boy." Having met when he was only seven years old, Miss Connie also recalled seeing Denzel with his mother checking out books.

There's no word on what the pair talked about when they met in person this past week, though we can assume it was a fun event based on a photo shared to imgur.

According to the accompanying caption, Miss Connie knitted three scarfs for the actor (he can be seen sporting a blue one in the image shared). She also gave him the first library book he ever took out of the Mt. Vernon library.

This isn't the first time that the star of The Magnificent Seven has shown his support for his former community. He previously donated $1 million to the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls club.

Of the Oscar-winner's donation, Councilman Lyndon Williams, a member of the club's board, told The Associated Press, "[Washington] is truly a great person and very dedicated to the club."

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