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According to Lena Dunham, Malia Obama is the perfect intern

By Sarah Walker

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Lena Dunham can't stop gushing over her former intern and former First Daughter Malia Obama. The actress opened up about working with Barack and Michelle Obama's daughter on the set of her hit HBO series Girls during an appearance on Howard Stern's radio show on Monday (Feb. 6). Back in 2015, the future Harvard graduate spent the summer interning on the buzzy drama in New York City. "She’s an angel. Obviously, we weren’t making her go get our coffee," the 30-year-old noted, "But she wanted to do all the jobs -- that was the cool thing. She was totally enthusiastic."

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Malia Obama worked as an intern on the set of Girls in 2015

The internship came about because the teenager was already working at HBO and some executives thought it would be good if she spent a couple days a week on the set of Girls. The 18-year-old also used the opportunity as a way to experience life without her secret service agents following her every move. While they were always close by, show co-runner Jenni Konner noted that they gave her some freedom to take on tasks without being too overbearing. They even dressed the part of low-key filmmakers.

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The only time everyone realized secret service members were on set was when Lena attempted to use a bathroom Malia was in and she was told she couldn't. "You can't just let anyone into the bathroom with the president's kid," she joked.

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Next up for the 18-year-old? Interning with Harvey Weinstein

The author went on to say that Malia is an exceptionally smart young adult. "I once asked her 'what's your favourite movie?' and she [responded with] 'do you want to me to list it by favourite writer, director or cinematographer?'" Jenni added that she's incredibly poised and skilled. "We were sort of training her to do what our writers' assistants did... we do a lot of improv, so you take down the improv so we can get it in the next shot," she noted. Lena wrapped up the interview by saying that despite her high-profile, Malia is exceptionally well-adjusted.

"She's done such a good job and her parents have really done such a good job. When you see that family together, they're not performative... [so many famous families] perform that bond and they just love each other and respect each other and have appropriate parental interactions." In January it was revealed that Malia will spend the summer working alongside film mogul Harvey Weinstein before heading to university in the fall.

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