Kate Middleton's eyebrow guru gives us a mini guide to getting the perfect brows

By Alisandra Puliti

From her impeccable wardrobe to her much-imitated glossy locks, Kate Middleton is a style and beauty influence for women everywhere. And now we bring you the woman behind her lust-worthy eyebrows. Sabrina Eleonore of Un Jour Un Regard has been shaping the Duchess of Cambridge’s perfectly bold brows for a few years. “She has an important appreciation for beauty,” Sabrina tells HELLO! about the British royal.


Sabrina is responsible for Kate's enviable brows Photo: Getty Images

Since launching her company six years ago and amassing close to 6,000 clients in Paris and many more worldwide that include Penelope Cruz, Queen Letizia of Spain and Cara Delevingne, whose brows are the most sought after, Sabrina understands the importance of that arch above the eyes. “It’s the focal point of your face,” she says. “All people need is a good shape. It’s very important that the eyebrows connect with your face, your eyes, lips and cheekbones. No one person is the same when it comes to shaping.”

Currently in Los Angeles getting the ladies ready for Hollywood’s biggest night, the Academy Awards, Sabrina, whose services range from $250 for shaping to $1,000 for pigmentation, shares some tips and insight into the latest trends when it comes to grooming for our own brow mini guide.

Microblading vs. Dermopigmentation:
Microblading uses a blade to put the ink into the skin in lines. This can last up to a year. While Sabrina’s technique of dermopigmentation also uses a needle of sorts, she instead uses pigment from bamboo plants to give the eyebrows more definition with color that can also last from eight months to a year. She uses a non-electric needle to push the pigment in. “The difference is I just use my hand and the needle doesn’t go into the skin, just the first layer,” she says. “It goes point by point instead of lines. After a month, you will need a touch up but then it will last.”

Waxing vs. Tweezing
“Every time you wax, it lessens your hair, but you should never wax. It’s not good for your skin as the skin around your eyes is very thin. If you keep doing it, it can cause wrinkles. Tweezing is very precise. A good practice is to go for shaping every three weeks. If you have been waxing and want to stop, don’t touch your eyebrows for three months to then be able to reshape with tweezing.”

Pro tip: To tweeze at home, apply pressure on your skin and then remove the hair moving upward. If you can, steam first and use an angled tweezer.

Cara Delevingne has some of the most requested eyebrows Photo: Getty Images

Black or Brown Pencil
“Neither,” says Sabrina. “Use gray color instead as it creates a shadow and your hair stands out. When you use the same color as your brow, it doesn’t give depth. Using gray will create more of a shadow and an illusion of thicker hair.”

Pro tip: To help your eyebrow hair to grow, use M2 Brows Eyebrow Renewing Serum, a favorite of Cara Delvingne

Eyebrow prep for events:
“If you want to have pigment, do that three days before an event or the same day. A day after will be the darkest and the eyebrows could be dry as the pigment settles. Tweezing and shaping can be same day or prior depending on availability.”

Sabrina is quite the jet-setter bringing her talent from Paris to London, Madrid, Moscow, New York City and Los Angeles. Check her site to see where she will be next and schedule an appointment. Even if you can’t afford the pigmentation but want a great lesson in shaping, she says, “It’s possible to come get a lesson and learn to do this at home.”

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