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Jake Gyllenhaal has a special FaceTime call with Ryan Reynolds and his daughter Ines

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Jake Gyllenhaal caught Ryan Reynolds in the middle of a #DadMoment! During his appearance on Thursday’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, Jake proved that his new bromance with Ryan goes beyond their movie Life. To show how close they are, the 36-year-old decided to FaceTime his buddy. On Jake’s first and second time, Ryan unfortunately didn’t pick up. His third attempt during commercial break worked when the Dead Pool actor picked up.


Jake revealed he FaceTimed Life co-star Ryan Reynolds

"He didn't believe we are friends," Jake told Ryan, while holding the phone up to the audience. To his surprise, the dad-of-two had a good reason for not picking up. "Here's what I'm doing," Ryan, 40, said as he flipped his phone camera around to show that he had a baby in tow. "I'm pushing baby strollers." Ryan, who shares daughters, James, 2, and five-month-old Ines, with wife Blake Lively, joked about his intended destination. "I'm gonna go get my lips done," he quipped to Jake before ending the call. "So, I'll see you later."

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Ryan was taking a stroll with his youngest daughter Ines during the FaceTime call

Jake, who co-stars in the new sci-fi thriller with Ryan, opened up about their new bromance. "That guy is great," he told the late night host when asked about their blossoming friendship. "Yeah, I mean that’s sort of a thing when you’re with contemporaries I guess we’re sort of weirdly kept apart. I don't know what it's about it, but I guess we sort of are." He continued: "I mean, I've known him in passing a little bit, and I didn’t know him until we started working," he said. "And, he’s just a great dude. He’s a great human."


Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds Do Not Have a Bromance

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