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Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield’s mums share hilarious memories of their famous children

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Hanna Fillingham
Hanna FillinghamUS Managing Editor
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Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were left red-faced while appearing on All Round to Mrs Brown’s on Saturday night! The popular This Morning duo appeared alongside pop sensation Lulu and their mums, Lynne Willoughby and Pat Schofield, who enjoyed going back down memory lane to reminisce about their famous offspring. And it appears that Phillip had high ambitions to be a TV star from a very young age. “He used to have a pretend microphone and saying I'm just going to give a interview with these visitors,” his mum revealed.


Holly and Phil were joined by Lulu and their mums on All Round to Mrs Brown's 

Meanwhile, Holly’s mum remembered her daughter’s creativity, saying: “She used to make brilliant bird boxes. It was a bit freaky when she made this eight foot cross, she stapled all these rhododendrons to it.' She tapped on the window to show us. We thought, 'This is a bit weird.' So we had to drag it up the road to the church.'” Embarrassed, Holly covered her face, while Pat told her son: “And you thought you were weird!”

holly © Photo: Getty Images

The popular TV duo were left red-faced when their mums remembered their quirky childhood traits

Holly and Lynne have a particularly close relationship, and the This Morning star has previously revealed she still likes to talk to her mum "a few times a day". Speaking to the Mirror last year, Holly said: "I still run everything past her. If I'm about to buy a pair of shoes, I'll go, 'Mum, do you think I should be doing this?' It's silly. I'm a fully grown woman, of course I can buy shoes. But I still like to talk to her about everything."

And it seems the entire Willoughby family are equally as tight. Talking to the Daily Mail back in 2013, Holly said: “If you looked at a graph of our phone bills there’s a huge surge when it comes to each other’s numbers. We spend every bank holiday together and Christmas, too. Really, we are so close that if you spend a day in our company you feel sorry for anybody else coming into our gang.”

The mum-of-three also opened about her parents' marriage. "My mum and dad have been together for years and years, and they are a real team," she said. "My mum instilled in me that importance of family life and being married to somebody who is a real partner. From watching her with my dad over the years, I knew that was something I really wanted for myself."

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