Emma Stone asked to prom in epic ‘La La Land’ inspired proposal

By: Hayley Bradbrook

Now this is how you do a prom proposal! Teenager Jacob Staudenmaier asked Emma Stone to prom by recreating the elaborate opening scene from her hit film La La Land. The high school student poured his heart out singing his own rendition of Another Day of Sun, one of the many beautiful songs featured on the movie's soundtrack. Jacob starts the video explaining how long it took him to come up with lyrics to woo the Oscar-winning actress. "This song took so much time/ And I'm finding this real hard to rhyme/ It's fine, I'm fine."

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The 17-year-old goes on to promise Emma a night to remember, one which include dancing and dining at the popular US restaurant chain Olive Garden. The smitten student also points out his uncanny similarities to Canadian heartthrob Ryan Gosling. "People say I look like Ryan Gosling/ And maybe that's a bit far-fetched," he sings, before admitting that while he might not be able to carry a tune like Ryan, he really, really wants to be Emma’s perfect prom date. "I know my voice ain't great," he continued. "But please be my prom date!"

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Jacob promises Emma a "night to remember."

While the redheaded beauty has not yet commented on the video, the extravagant gesture has gone viral. The video garnered more than 138,000 views on YouTube, and more than 6000 retweets and 13 thousand likes on Twitter. Hopefully for Jacob, his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona will turn into the city of stars for just one night.