Michelle Keegan talks playing Princess Leia and wedding anniversary plans with Mark Wright

Michelle Keegan is currently filming the second series of Our Girl

Michelle Keegan has had one busy year so far! Filming the latest series of Our Girl, Tina and Bobby and Drunk History, the versatile actress has proven she really can do it all. The former Coronation Street star most recently had viewers in stitches over her portrayal as Princess Leia in the Keith and Paddy Picture Show, and opened up to HELLO! about playing the iconic character.

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Michelle played Princess Leia in the sketch show

Speaking about playing the iconic character, made famous by the late Carrie Fisher, Michelle said: "I do dramas [and] they can be quite serious, it's nice sometimes to get dressed up and to have a laugh and play characters… I've never really watched Star Wars to be honest so I've been watching clips and scenes, what we've done, what we're recreating, I've been watching those clips, just to see what's going on. I've been asking Lee [Keith Lemon] because I know he's a really big fan of Star Wars so I've been asking him like, 'Who's in love with her?' and 'Who's the hairy guy?'"

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Michelle and Mark are celebrating their wedding anniversary this month

The actress spoke about how Carrie's tragic death in December affected the filming, explaining: "I think it was just a week after she died that we were filming and I didn't know if it would go ahead or not but obviously it did… You know, I think she's a great, great actress, she plays such an iconic character and it was just really nice to, yeah, to play her character really."

Michelle opened up about filming the Star Wars spoof

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Michelle will celebrate her second wedding anniversary with her husband, Mark Wright, on 24 May, and she opened up about how they planned to celebrate. Since she is currently filming the second series of Our Girl in South Africa and Nepal, Michelle confirmed that Mark would be flying out to visit her. "Yes, [Mark]'s coming over, we've already started like, setting the dates for when he's coming over, when my mum's coming over, so yeah! I think it'll be really fun, I think we're a bit more organised this year, she said. "[Last year] I think it was because he was so busy with what he was doing as well he only came over once in the eight weeks that we were out. We spoke every day like FaceTimed and Skyped but I think this time I'm going to different places like Nepal and South Africa he can come out a few times this time which is really exciting."

The Keith and Paddy Picture Show is on ITV on Saturdays at 9.15pm.