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Why boxing is good for your body and your mind plus an at-home workout you must try

By: Alisandra Puliti

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It was the punch seen around the world last fall when Gigi Hadid defended herself against a prankster in Milan. If it weren’t for her time spentpracticing boxing, the outcome could have been very different. “That’s what makes me proudof myself. When I hear, ‘That’s a punch,’” the supermodel has said about hermoves in the ring. “I’m like, ‘Yeah!’ That’s what makes me feel cool.”

TheReebok spokesperson is not the only model who enjoys a sweat session bythrowing on the gloves. Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima is a longtime advocateof boxing. “Asa woman, I did not know I could be so strong,” she told HELLO! in the lead upto the big VS Fashion Show. “It definitely helps with your self-esteem and it’schallenging and not boring.”

Gigi Hadid took the moves she learned in the gym to defend herself against a prankster Photo: Getty Images

More and more women are picking up on the gym trend, releasing their inner Rocky Balboa. Noah Neiman of Rumble Boxing, visited by Emmy Rossum, Kevin Hart and Brooke Burke to name a few, explains the popular workout is great for a person’s physique while doing even morementally. “It works because it fills you with confidence,” the co-owner and trainerof the new NYC gym – it features body-weight strength exercises and a 45-minute workout with shadow boxing on awater-filled bag – tells HELLO!. “That iswhat I think success is in the gym. It’s not a body type, but it’s empowermentand confidence.”

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With summer around the corner, read below for Noah’s biggest no-no whenit comes to working out and the best way to keep yourself motivated and ontrack to become your best self.

Rumble's Noah (second from right) with Kevin Hart and friends after a workout Photo: Instagram/@NoahDNeiman

HELLO!: Why do you think boxing has become a trend in fitness?"Our oldest two responses are fight or flight. Flight is for prey –what happens when we get scared, we run. What do predators or people who haveto fight do – they fight. When you box, you hit the bag and train your warriorinstinct which unlocks a level of belief in yourself and a level of confidence."

Can someone get the benefits of a boxing class at home?"Everything we do in studio, you can do without a bag as well as shadowboxingand calisthenics. I think that’s why boxing has such amass appeal. It helps you take out your aggressions, even your joy. It’s not anegative thing and releases all these endorphins when you hit those punches."

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Noah with trainer Ashley Guarrasi inside the Rumble studio

What’s the average calorie amount you burn perclass?"Everybody is different – it could range from 500to 1500 calories – depending on your metabolism, muscle density and youreffort. I always say train for the feeling. Train because it will unlock alevel of potential you never thought your body could reach."

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What do you tell your clients who want to give up?"People now train for a look – they want Jessica Alba’s arms, theywant a six pack, they want a booty so when they don’t see those instantresults, they stop and quit. When your goal lacks foundation, you are destinedto fail. Now with that, those results don’t come instantaneously. What does isthat euphoric feeling and that chemical release of, ‘I was challenged. I feelstronger.’ When you eat right and train your body physically, you unlock thissense of self-worth and confidence you can’t read in a self-help book.”

If someone has limited time to hit the gym, it's still worth it right?"The number one excuse for someone to not work out is ‘I don’t havetime,’ yet he/she knows every episode of Game of Thrones or How to Get Away with Murder. If you only have 10 minutes, do that. If you have 10 minutes, five times a day – that is 50 minutes spread throughout. We have time for what we want to have time for, and sometimes you need to prioritize yourself."

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