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WATCH: The Vamps attempt to recap Harry Potter in hilarious video

The Vamps recapped Harry Potter in under a minute - watch the video!

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To celebrate Harry Potter's birthday, the Vamps joined up with Radio 1 in an attempt to explain the entire series about the boy wizard in under a minute. The Can We Dance singers explained the basic plot of the series, while managing to hilariously throw in any tidbit of information they could think of. Radio 1 shared the video, writing: "#HappyBirthdayHarryPotter! To celebrate, here's @theVampsband trying to explain the Harry Potter plot in one minute."

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Tristan Evans kicked things off, saying: "Voldemort kills Harry's parents," before Connor Ball chimes in, saying: "But Harry's a bit of a bad man so he doesn't actually die." Bradley Simpson continued: "Hagrid comes and boots the door down and picks him up and goes and says, 'You come with me mate.'"


The band tried to recount the events from the series

James McVey seemed to be the best at explaining the plots, adding: "They kill a guy that's got a Voldemort head on the back of his head." The group begin to struggle to explain the plot following the third film, with James saying: "Dobby. He's a little elf, also dies at some point." Bradley is seen struggling for more information about the series, and says: "Voldemort… he's in it as well." James concludes their explanation, saying: "Loads and loads of people die but all in all it's a good family movie."

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Fans were quick to discuss the hilarious video, with one writing: "Wow this made my morning," while another added: "This is the best explanation of Harry Potter ever." Harry Potter fans everywhere have taken to Twitter to wish the boy wizard a happy birthday, along with his creator, JK Rowling. One wrote: "I'm so thankful for HP to be written and words can't described the gratefulness I'm toward its existence ALWAYS #happybirthdayharrypotter," while another added: "Happy birthday to the boy who changed the world and to the queen who brought him into it."

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