GMB's Laura Tobin surprises Windsor crowds by arriving in a wedding dress


Good Morning Britain weather presenter Laura Tobin made quite the entrance in Windsor on Wednesday ahead of the royal wedding - arriving in a horse-drawn carriage, and wearing a wedding dress! The ITV star, who was showing viewers what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's procession will look like on Saturday, waved to the crowds from her seat in the carriage - which was patriotically decorated with Union Jack flags. Taking to Twitter later in the day to share a photograph, she wrote: "Just a normal day! @GMB #PrincessForTheDay #Royalwedding."

Laura wowed the Windsor crowds with her entrance on Wednesday

It seemed that the sight of a bride on the streets of Windsor so close to the big day caused quite the commotion - as cameraman Chris Hitchings also tweeted: "Turns out when you film @Lauratobin1 riding around Windsor in a wedding dress and horse carriage then you cause quite a stir," sharing a video clip of numerous tourists taking snaps of the presenter. Laura added: "This is what it’ll be like for Prince Harry & Megan on Saturday in Windsor."

In April, Laura returned to work on GMB after giving birth to her daughter Charlotte prematurely. She said on her first show: "Hi I'm back! First day back after maternity leave. I really wanted to come back to this studio because my last day here wasn't meant to be my last day here thanks to Charlotte's early arrival, so I just wanted to say goodbye to the building and hello to everyone."

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Laura and her husband Dean welcomed little Charlotte in September. When asked how her baby was doing, the new mum replied: "She is so good. She's put on so much weight. She's really big and fat now. She looks so much like my husband and nothing like me. She's beautiful!" The presenter also admitted she was relishing being back under the limelight. "It's the first time I've had makeup on in such a long time," she teased. "I've probably worn makeup like five times at home. I don't brush my hair at home or even shower!"

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