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Ryan Reynolds is using part of his salary to hire BIPOC crew members in Vancouver

By Heather Cichowski

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Ryan Reynolds wants to ensure diversity on his new upcoming Netflix production in Vancouver, and he is dedicating a portion of his salary to ensure there are hires from marginalized groups.

The effort is part of the Group Effort Initiative. Those who are interested in taking part in the untitled Netflix project are invited to submit their applications online to be part of the crew. The website opened on Sept. 24 and was so popular it crashed, but it is now functioning normally, according to the group's Twitter.

Group Effort Initiative

The Vancouver-born star shared a YouTube video to promote the Group Effort Initiative.

"Hey, it's Ryan Reynolds. From the same wooden background," the funny actor began, glancing around the familiar room with wooden panelling.

"Today we're announcing something that I'm super excited about. It's called the Group Effort Initiative.

"Making a movie, well, it's a group effort. But for entirely too long, that group has systemically excluded Black, Indigenous, people of colour and a whole host of other marginalized communities, of all ages.

"Wait, ALL AGES?!" the 43-year-old paused. "Yes! Because it's never too late."

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"I myself am actually way older than I appear on set. So, you're going to see what Ryan Reynolds looks like without the full... you know... beauty makeup," he said, pointing to his face as a photo popped up showing an "aged Ryan" in the Deadpool costume with white hair!

The new recruits for the project will be "paid, housed and travelled" using a part of Ryan's salary. They will gain experience on set and the opportunity to learn from others. The actor says if the new hires "aren't too disillusioned" after the project, they will then be able to use the experience to develop a career in the film industry.

He also encouraged others with privilege similar to him to embrace the name of "Group Effort Initiative" and join.

Those who are looking to get involved can register on the Group Effort Initiative website. The site provides further details on the new hires, who can be anywhere from 18 to 118+. The Group Effort Initiative is hoping to hire 10 to 20 trainees and begin filming the movie this fall, permitting COVID-19 restrictions allow.

Once registered, filming and application details will be sent out in the coming weeks.

Chadwick Boseman and Sienna Miller at a 21 Bridges photocall on Nov. 9, 2019 in Los Angeles. Photo: © David Livingston/FilmMagic

Ryan's Group Effort Initiative comes at the same time that Sienna Miller revealed how the late Chadwick Bosemangave up part of his salary on their film 21 Bridges to help her achieve equal pay. She described it as the "most astounding thing that I've experienced."

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