Spice up your life! Swap salt for sodium-free seasoning

We all know that salt is bad for us but are often at a loss as to how to enhance flavour without doing damage to our blood pressure.

Break the habit by getting creative with seasoning. Swap salt for spices and you'll succeed in adding taste without adding sodium.

Spices are used throughout Asian cuisine to create a balance of flavours throughout the dish by bringing freshness, aroma and heat in union with the main ingredients.


These essential spices are as good for your tastebuds as they are for your health:


Full of vitamin C and A these hot red delights are worth a try.

The source behind the spice is capsaicin, which helps to boost metabolism and lower cholesterol.

Not all chillies have the same strength so don't worry if you're spice shy. Smaller chillies are packed full of hotter flavours whereas larger peppers have a softer punch.


Usually found in cakes these clever little spice sticks aren't just for sweet treats.

Known to stabilize blood sugar levels by increasing the production of insulin this reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and provides a helping hand in weight loss.

Although you don't have to eat it literally as medicine like in Chinese culture you can still reap the health benefits by including it in main meals. Cinnamon tastes delicious as part of a curry, on sweet potatoes or even in your coffee.


Eaten as a palate cleanser between meals in Japan, ginger provides a light, fresh kick that complements a range of dishes and drinks from sweet to savoury.

Its medicinal properties can help to relieve a number of illnesses. Ease a toothache and soothe minor burns by applying externally or cook in soups to reduce the effects of nausea during pregnancy.

Many people drink ginger with lemon and honey to relieve a cold but it can also be used as a tasty base in stir-fries or as a paste in marinades and dipping sauces.

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