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Hello Magazine - April 2014

• Favourite 5 places to eat Asian food in the world?

1. Yan Toh Heen in Hong Kong is one of my top favourites. It is one of most classic and innovative of Cantonese restaurants and I am always surprised by its creativity. The menu and dishes changes constantly. It is truly cooking fit for kings.

2. Din Tai Fung in Taipei has the best and the world’s tastiest xiao long bao: that famous pork dumpling with soup which is made from the juices and stock jelly. The dumplings are very firm but elastic at the same time and holding the liquid without breaking or cracking. In my opinion it is heaven on earth.

3. The Sugar Palm Restaurant & Bar in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The atmosphere is tropical and friendly but it is the food that makes it worth the trip. Delicious and fragrant home cooked food infused with love. When I dined there, the restaurant was packed out with a friendly tropical atmosphere.

4. Jok’s Kitchen in Bangkok. Located in Chinatown, there is only one table and Jok, the chef, cooks whatever he likes and it is out of this world.

5. MEE in Rio de Janeiro, my restaurant serving pan-Asian cuisine. I know what makes a great restaurant and MEE is definitely up the standards of all of the restaurants I have mentioned.

• Best celebrity clients you’ve ever cooked for?

When I cooked in 1998 at the ASEM summit for 23 heads of states. 10 from Asia and 13 from the European Union.

• Why do you return to London every Chinese New Year?

For the simple reason that it has some of the best Chinese food in Europe.

• Favourite Chinese restaurants in London?

A. Wong in Victoria - my top favourite, then it is Kai in Mayfair, Royal China in Queensway and The Good Earth in Knightsbridge

• Top 5 ingredients in Chinese cooking?

Garlic, ginger, chilli, spring onion and five spice powder

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