London's first gourmet grilled cheese sandwich café to open - and a fox pop-up

A new restaurant in London is many a cheese lovers' dream come true. The Melt Room, a café set to open in Soho in May, will specialise and serve up cheese toasties in many varieties for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Owner and ultimate grilled cheese enthusiast Andrey Datsenko has taken the home comfort food favourite and the old-time classic and given it a gourmet twist.


For breakfast, diners can expect a Full English grilled cheese sandwich and a "benedict melt" with a cheddar-spiked hollandaise sauce, while those after a late-night snack will have mouthwatering options to choose from, including a slow-roasted lamb shoulder with mustard-dressed greens and Swiss cheese and rare roast beef with Sparkenhoe and Red Leicester.

In keeping with the theme, cheesy tunes will be played in the background.

The Melt Room founder Andrey said, "I’m very excited to launch Melt Room – not only to fix my own grilled cheese cravings, but to offer Londoners a gourmet American-inspired version of this much-loved snack."

The cheese toastie-focussed café is the latest in a long line of theme cafés to have recently opened doors in the British capital. Last December, Brick Lane welcomed the Cereal Killer Café, which offers more than 100 varieties of breakfast cereal and over 13 kinds of milk.

Since then various other niche establishments have popped up including the Porridge Café in Shoreditch and the owl-themed cocktail bar, which opened for one week in March and invited guests to get up close and personal with the creatures while enjoying a cocktail.

Another animal-themed bar is also coming soon – Stevie the Fox will be open for three weeks at a "secret location" from 25 May from 9-6pm each day.

Organisers hope the cafe will change the way people think about the animal. Their website states: "foxes often receive a lot of bad press due to nuisance they cause in urban areas from destroying bin bags, digging gardens, fouling on the street and making noises throughout the night.

"Our aim is to change that perception and show you how foxes are playful gentle creatures."