Celebs support Bulgari to help Save the Children with £790 ring


Having worked together on cause-related marketing projects since 2008, Bulgari and Save the Children have a very special relationship. To date, the luxury fashion house has raised more than $20 million for the charity, primarily through the sales of specially commissioned rings. And this year's new limited version has been released just in time for Christmas.

But it is slightly more special than its predecessors – retailing at £790, 100% of sales of the Italian olive-green, brown or lapis-blue marble piece will go directly to Save the Children. This is compared to 20% in 2009.




And a host of famous faces, including Ben Stiller, Jessica Biel, Jessica Stam (pictured above), Julian Sands and Analeigh Tipton are once again getting behind the campaign to promote sales.

The images have all been snapped by Italian photographer Fabrizio Ferri. Extremely simple, shot in black and white, they show the celebrities putting the ring on display in the universal 'stop' sign – a raised hand.

"What amazes me," Fabrizio said in an interview, "is that nobody does that pose in the same way. Some are straightforward, others are almost hiding behind their hands."

He took most of the pictures in a single shot. "The most difficult thing is to find a tie between the subject's eyes and their gestures. This is about authenticity; once the subject gets it, it's done."



He also revealed that it was Silvio Ursini, the executive vice-president of the Bulgari, who asked him to get on board with the campaign. "I had worked with Silvio on Bulgari campaigns for 10 years, and he rang me up and said, "Fabrizio, you're the only one that can pull this off", which is always the right thing to say if you want to bring someone into a project," he laughed.

But he had one condition. "I insisted the celebrities were photographed wearing the ring. Bulgari was worried that it would look like advertising, but I said that was precisely what it was. The celebrities are here not on a red carpet, but as human beings, dressed casually. They have to help us sell as many rings as possible."

Silvio has been the driving force behind the campaign since 2009, when he pledged to support Save the Children's efforts to provide education for eight million children living in conflict-ridden areas.

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