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Exclusive: Fashion Police's George Kotsiopoulos admits he's 'not crazy' about some of Kate Middleton's style

Exclusive: Fashion Police's George Kotsiopoulos admits he's 'not crazy' about some of Kate Middleton's style
Fashion Police


George Kotsiopoulos

has revealed that he's "not crazy" about some of

Kate Middleton

's style.Joan Rivers and

Kelly Osbourne

's co-host, who is famous for delivering spot on outfit advice and discussing the dos and dont's of celebrity fashion, exclusively told

HELLO! Online

that while he likes Kate's elegant look, he's not such a fan of her hats.

George Kotsiopoulos

What do you think of Kate Middleton's style?

"Kate M's style is very appropriate for who she is.She won't dress super fashionably but accessible. She tries to dress as normal as possible and be not too over the top.She is very, very elegant and dignified looking, always looks very well put together.I'm not crazy about the hats though – think it could be an English thing. She is effortless. Effortless is a good way to go."

Which Hollywood star do you think always gets it right on the red carpet and why?

"Kerry Washington always looks fabulous – she played it really classic and cool at the recent


.Emma Stone always wears culture and high fashion but does it in the way the girl next door would, never intimidating or threatening.I think Rihanna's style is just out of this world – it's original, it's her, she owns it. She can go from being super glamorous, still with an edge, to having this crazy incredible street style. I adore her style, love her style, it's one of my favourites."

George loves Rihanna's style

Is there anyone you think could usually do better on the red carpet?

"The women who dress impeccably are the ones that stand out. The people that look bad are forgettable in my mind.Everyone could do better on the red carpet and in real life. A little dose of glamour can't hurt anyone as you will be able to read in my new book which is out in January."

You were in Hollywood Reporters 'Most Powerful Stylists' list - does this mean you have a lot of influence in LA?

"You know I don't really know what that means. I was Associate Fashion Editor for the

New York Times Magazine

for eight years while living in LA.My role has changed over the past three years while being on

Fashion Police

as it's made me more visible to the public but I'm the same person everyone knows in the fashion circles in New York and LA. I definitely have more of a following – more Twitter followers and visibility.I think any stylist is powerful in their own right. Stylists have the power to transform careers, put the girl with the right designer and right dressers and that can take her from being an ordinary actress to being a movie star.The right clothing turns you into a movie star, absolutely."

Fashion Police presenters: Giuliana Rancic, George, Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne

What has been your proudest moment as a stylist?

"My proudest is getting this role as fashion expert on

Fashion Police

– sitting next to Joan Rivers.It still blows my mind - Joan is a legendary talent and the hardest working woman in showbusiness. All the work that I have done has led me here and it has changed my life, it really has."

Does Joan Rivers ask you for fashion advice? If so, what?

"We talk about fashion and clothes but she has never asked me for fashion advice. She has probably given me more advice than anything else, as she has been there and done that. She knows everything.I have done a tour of a closet for the show and she has a lot of clothes and they are all fabulous.She has the most exquisite jewellery and taste, very elegantly put together. You will never see Joan out in sweatpants walking the dog – she is always well put together.You would never catch Joan looking dishevelled at the airport – she practise what she preaches. A lot of people don't do that."

Has there been a fashion item/accessory that you've bought and regretted?

"I don't really ever regret purchases. I regret items that I spend a lot of money on and don't wear.The more experience you get the more wiser you become and avoid these purchases and making mistakes.I am the one shopping for people so they don't make those mistakes so I know not to make them for myself.Any mistake I make can be rectified somewhere as I can always use clothing for a shoot."

Cameron Diaz

Has a celebrity ever told you they were offended by one of your Fashion Police comments and how did you react?

"I never say anything that’s a personal slam at the celebrity. It's always about the clothing.There was one time I mentioned Cameron Diaz having man arms at the Oscars and she had seen the show but was cool about it.I try not to make it personal as I work with a lot of these people, go to a lot of events, so would be difficult if I was mean and nasty."

Do you ever regret any of your Fashion Police critiques?

"No I don't ever have any regrets – hell to the no."

Who would you most like to give a fashion makeover to?

"Certain pop stars don't look great but some will do what they want to do.Taste is an acquired thing – something you either have or you don't. You can try to learn it but if it's not there, it's not going to happen."

What's the most that you've spent on a fashion item?

"I have spent money on Dolce and Gabbana leather jackets or suits, jackets, shoes - they are worth spending the money on as they are pretty timeless items of clothing and worth the investment.A man's suit needs to be of good quality – nothing is worse than a cheap living suit."

George and Joan

What have you learnt from working with Joan Rivers?

"Obviously to have a sense of humour.I have learnt from Joan to never take anything for granted because you never know when it will all go away.Always be gracious and kind – she is a lovely, lovely woman and polite to everyone she works with and meets. She always says please and thank you to everyone.The first time we all did

The Today Show

together, I wasn't necessarily speaking up and Joan said, 'Speak up otherwise you will be invisible.' So jump in there — that was really valuable advice.It's what life is all about — if you don't jump in and go for it, then you won't get that opportunity."

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