10 JULY 2007

It takes many actors years of building up their CVs with blockbuster hits before they're given a spot on the legendary Hollywood Walk Of Fame, but teenagers Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint have bypassed the decades of hard slog thanks to their roles in the Harry Potter phenomenon. The talented trio made marks of their hands, feet - and wands - in the cement outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Monday.

And there were plenty of enthusiastic 'muggles' on hand to catch a glimpse of Harry, Ron and Hermione at the LA premiere of Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix. Although Daniel - who's just signed a £25-million deal to appear in the next two Potter films - has had plenty of experience at red carpet events he admits to still feeling nervous. "Before you get out of the car you have to prepare yourself for the screaming thing," he told one reporter. I'll never be completely cool with it."

The post-premiere party, held at the Jim Henson Studios, was a typically magical affair. There were tables were filled with mountains of sweets, games and a re-creation of the Hogwarts Great Hall complete with moving portraits.

Making the most of her time in LA was Emma who hit the exclusive Kitson boutique for a shopping spree. The 17-year-old actress can afford to splash out, after amassing a £10 million fortune. "Let's be honest, I have enough money never to have to work again," the actress told an American magazine. "But I would never want that."

As brainy in real life as she is on screen, she's determined to do well in her studies. "People can't understand why I don't want to be a full-time actress, but school life keeps me in touch with my friends," she reveals. "My parents are both lawyers and they have no interest in being part of this industry."

Photo: © Alphapress.com
The trio had something a little extra to bring to the imprint session, placing not only their hands and feet in the cement, but also their wizarding wands
Photo: © Alphapress.com
Seventeen-year-old Daniel, Rupert, 18, and Emma, 17, have achieved what many more mature actors wait years to accomplish in being invited to make their mark on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame Photo: © AFP
Photo: © Alphapress.com
Multi-millionaire Daniel, who has recently signed on to do the next two films, says he'll never be entirely cool with the reception he gets from adoring fans on the red carpet Photo: © AFP