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As he turns 70 Angelina's dad continues to hope for reunion

As he turns 70 Angelina's dad continues to hope for reunion

When Jon Voight celebrates his 70th on Monday there's one birthday wish he'll be hoping to see come true more than any other. A rapprochement with his estranged daughter

Angelina Jolie

, and a chance to meet her six children for the first time.

Midnight Cowboy actor Jon, who separated from Angelina's late mother Marcheline Bertrand in 1976, has been vocal in the past about his desire to reconnect with his famous daughter, and her brother James Haven.

"I am always trying to reach her and send her my love," says Jon, who met Marcheline on a blind date shortly after he starred in Catch-22. The couple wed in 1971, when the actress was 21.

Angelina – whose beautiful features bear a remarkable similarity to her part-Iroquois Native American mother - was particularly close to Marcheline, and has often citied her as a great inspiration.

Her partner Brad Pitt has apparently been gently encouraging the Wanted star, who reportedly phoned her father on Christmas Day 2007 for the first time in five years, to reconnect with the screen star.

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The actor and his daughter have long had a difficult relationship, although they attempted a reconciliation in 2001 (pictured at that year's the Oscar ceremony) - the same year Jon appeared with her in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - the move failed and they remain estrangedPhoto: © Rex Click on photo to enlarge
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Angelina bears an uncanny resemblance to her late, part-Iroquois mother Marcheline, pictured with Jon in 1976 Photo: © Rex

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