Bob Geldof speaks about 'intolerable' pain after Peaches' death in heart-breaking first TV interview

Sir Bob Geldof has spoken of late daughter Peaches Geldof in his heart-breaking first TV appearance since her tragic death.

The musician, who lost his daughter in April, spoke on ITV's Lorraine Live on Friday morning. When asked by the TV presenter how he keeps going, he said after a moment: "It's intolerable, it's very hard, as everybody must realise, especially if it happened to them too."

Then he continued: "and what else do you do, you get on with it."


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Bob Geldof spoke on Lorraine Live on Friday morning about life without Peaches

The Boomtown Rats frontman opened up about finding reminders of his late daughter in his daily life. "You could be talking to somebody, you could be walking down the road, and I've got to be very careful because this is still very raw… but I'm walking down the road and suddenly out of the blue there's an awareness of, her… and you know, I buckle."

As well as sharing his pride at the impression Peaches had made on her peers, Irish-born Bob took time to praise Tom Cohen's parents, who are grandparents to the two sons Peaches left behind.

Speaking of the little boys, Bob said: "They are young enough, you know this terrible expression, to be able to build an emotion, relationships away from the primary relationship with the mother.

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Bob appeared on TV for the first time since the death of his daughter Peaches

"I know that sounds very cold and empirical but obviously I have had to think about the rest of the family and Tom, their Dad, and Keith and Sue - their grandparents - who are amazing people and doing fantastically with the guys so, yeah, as I say, I don't want them becoming wrapped up in the Geldof life."

Bob also spoke of his engagement to long-term partner Jeanne Marine shortly after Peaches passed away, revealing that he had always planned to propose to Jeanne on her birthday after 20 years together.

"I love her to bits," he said. "She's amazing and I certainly would not have got through the last 20 years… without her."

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