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Keira Knightley will tell children: 'Be a doctor or a lawyer - don't be an actor'

Keira Knightley

has found

fame and fortune in Hollywood

– but it's not a profession she would want for

her children

. The actress, 29, has said she would advise any daughter of hers to avoid a life of

"heartbreaking" rejection

, and instead chose a different career.

keira knightly © Photo: Getty Images
Hollywood star Keira Knightley will encourage her children to choose a different career

"I should imagine that if she wanted to act, I wouldn't have a choice but, no,

I certainly wouldn't recommend it

," said Keira, who married musician James Righton last year. "It can be completely heartbreaking for most people who do it, because the amount of rejection is enormous. And it doesn't matter what kind of person you are, it's impossible for that not to take a toll…"

So I would say to my daughter, 'Be a doctor or a lawyer – something stable and useful'.

" Also in the interview with


magazine, Keira spoke about her approach to getting older - and the prospect of turning 30 in March.

keira james © Photo: Getty Images
Keira Knightley married James Righton in May 2013


I'm not actually worried about turning 30

," she said. "Because, honestly,

my early twenties were not much fun

. Then after 25, things just got better and better." She added, "Actually, I feel less grown-up as I go along. I reached my peak of grown-up behaviour at 20 and 21, and it's been downhill since then. "I was

terribly sensible as a teenager

but I've got far less so as I've grown up, which has been a huge relief for everyone – including my parents." Keira also touched on her


to Klaxons keyboardist James, 31. "You only get to choose one member of your family, and

I made a good choice

," she said. "

So well done me!


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