Jacqueline Jossa says she's upset after 'unfair' Loose Women interview

Chloe Best

Jacqueline Jossa has told fans she is angry and upset after being misled about her Loose Women interview on Tuesday. The EastEnders actress said she was told the interview would focus on her life as a young mother and her return from maternity leave, but was instead forced to face a number of questions about her past and relationship with Dan Osborne.

The 23-year-old graciously answered a number of questions about her fiancé's past, including whether she would ask his ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlinson to their wedding. However after finishing the interview, Jacqueline took to Twitter to insist she had previously told producers that she didn't want to "dwell on the past" during her appearance.



Jacqueline Jossa said she was "upset" about her Loose Women interview

"Can't express how upset I am, was told the interview on Loose Women today was to be about being a young mum and going back to work," Jacqueline tweeted. "Don't know whose fault it was, but I made it clear I didn't want to dwell on the past, and answer certain questions."

She continued to say that she had been nervous about going on live TV and admitted she wouldn't have agreed to be interviewed and share footage of her daughter Ella if she knew what the panel would talk about.

"Going on live TV is hard for me, but be told they would just touch on certain things, and them do the complete opposite is unfair. Wouldn't have done it otherwise, bored of talking about it all now! Was just unfair."

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The actress had arrived at ITV studios with her daughter Ella

Jacqueline added: "I'm angry they let told me it would be about my daughter Ella and asked for her to be filmed and turned it into this. Shocking. Unfair."

The actress has been inundated with support from her followers on social media, and retweeted a number of messages, including one that told her: "You handled it so well."

Jacqueline shared her feelings on Twitter after the interview

Jacqueline did discuss other matters during her appearance on the ITV show, and admitted that she and Dan have delayed their wedding until 2017 as she hasn't been organised enough to plan it all for their original wedding date this year.

"I'm so bad at weddings. I'm so unprepared," she said. "We did have [it planned for this year], now we're changing it. It's not ready. It's next year. The dress is kind of all I've got."

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