Grant Mitchell is back! Ross Kemp reveals sneak peek of his EastEnders script

Ross Kemp will finally be returning to EastEnders as Grant Mitchell, and has teased fans with a sneak peek at his EastEnders script. The 51-year-old will be reprising his iconic role after a 10-year absence from the show.

Ross shared a photo of the top of his script, revealing the name of the soap and captioned: "Spending time getting ready for Watford #EastEnders @bbceastenders #mitchellsreunited."



"Spending time getting ready for Watford," Ross Kemp teases fans with a sneak peek at his script

The actor revealed he was returning to EastEnders as his onscreen mother Peggy, played by Dame Barbara Windsor, will be leaving the show for good in 2016. He said: "When I was approached about returning to EastEnders for Barbara's final episodes, it was something I could not turn down."

"Barbara is a very close friend so when I learned of the storyline it felt right that the Mitchell brothers are reunited with their mother for the last time."

Speaking to BBC Radio 1 about his return to the show, Ross revealed that he is particularly excited to have his famous tough character butt heads with the Queen Vic's new landlord, Mick Carter (Danny Dyer). He said: "It will be good to see Danny, I know Danny sort of socially, not that well. It will be interesting. We should have a tear-up though shouldn't we really?"


The actor is returning to the show after a 10-year absence

The star also claimed he feels like he owes the show for his successful career. He said: "I owe the show and I owe The Mitchells quite a lot. I wouldn't be doing this and talking to you now if I hadn't had those 10 years at EastEnders.

"So that was a big springboard for me in terms of moving on in my life, so I see no reason not to be able to go back and do it."

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