Amir Khan and Iain Lee face backlash on I'm A Celebrity

The pair stole the Dingo Dollar Challenge reward….

Gemma Strong

Amir Khan has faced a major backlash from I'm A Celebrity viewers after he and fellow campmate Iain Lee decided to steal the Dingo Dollar Challenge prize winnings. The pair were chosen to take part in the daily challenge, which saw boxer Amir dressed up as a giant cat and blindfolded before Iain led his through the Jungle Pawn show. Despite a few close shaves, they were triumphant and quickly headed to the Outback Shack to spend their dingo dollars on strawberries and cream for the camp. And while the rest of the celebs correctly answered the question about the percentage of British people who have regretted their cosmetic surgery, Amir suggested that they just eat the treat themselves.


Amir Khan and Iain Lee decided to eat the Dingo Dollar Challenge reward themselves

"Shall we just eat them and say it was the wrong answer, shall we do that?" he asked Iain. The comedian wasn't initially convinced, telling Amir: "I'm so torn. Let's just open them and have a look and see what we've got." Once the box was opened, however, the temptation proved too much and the pair immediately began to tuck into the treat. "This is the worst thing we've ever done," said Iain, before they hid the evidence behind a tree.

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Arriving back in camp, Amir and Iain initially lied to their campmates, telling them they had answered the question incorrectly – but the deception proved too much for Iain, who eventually came clean to the remaining celebs. "I have something really horrible to confess," he began. "We won the strawberries and cream, I thought it would be really funny to eat them all on my own, I am not joking, I am beyond shame and cannot live with this anymore."


The pair later confessed to their I'm A Celebrity campmates

However, none of the camp mates took Iain's confession seriously at first with Jamie Lomas encouraging him to bring out the treats. But Iain continued: "On my life I have eaten them, I thought it would be funny, I thought I could do it and I couldn't and I'm really, really sorry." The celebs were clearly upset with the duo, with Dennis Wise telling them: "Just out of principle guys, that is so wrong, so wrong", adding: "Well, this is all very simple. If we win any more going forward, you don't get anything, ok?"

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Later, while Iain was doing camp maintenance with Toff, Jamie asked Amir about the incident, asking: "So it was his idea?" Looking sheepish, Amir didn't answer, which Jamie took as Amir saying it was Iain's fault. Jamie later spoke to Dennis and told him it was Iain's fault the camp had gone without. Viewers were less than impressed by Amir's behaviour, with many branding the 30-year-old a "snake". "I cannot believe Amir is sitting there lying to all their faces, saying Iain started it," one tweeted. "Not only reptile snakes in the jungle!" A second commented: "We all know Amir is the biggest snake in that jungle #imaceleb."