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Suranne Jones hints about Doctor Foster season three

Suranne Jones has opened up about the next season of Doctor Foster

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Suranne Jones has opened up about season three of Doctor Foster, and hinted that the new series won't begin filming until 2019 due to her hectic schedule. Chatting on Lorraine, Suranne said: "I'm moving on from this play - I have seven weeks left - then I go to film a Sally Wainwright drama, until December. Then I'll look at next year [for Doctor Foster] because I have a two year old and there's no time off." A source previously told The Sun that the star's busy working life would make it tricky to find time to film season three, saying: "After its ratings success last year commissioners were always keen for it to come back and although it's early days they have given it the green light.


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They continued: "Suranne is extremely busy with other projects at the moment but bosses are trying to pin her down for some potential filming dates." Suranne has previously opened up about her "hurt" reaction to season two of the hit BBC show, telling The Sunday Times: "It was so split, with people saying, 'This is ridiculous, this is a romp, this is crazy - but I'll watch it.' That hurt, though, in the sense of, 'You're saying it's guilty-pleasure TV.' I don't want to do guilty-pleasure TV."


Doctor Foster has been a huge success

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Speaking about what to expect from season three, creator Mike Bartlet told Radio Times: "That ending of series two leaves a lot open to come back to: where has the son Tom gone and what's happening to him? What happens to the parents? That's the sort of story territory we'd be in, but it's not written yet. No one has ever put pressure on me to make more of it. I think the BBC would rather I did something new, but if we do bring 'Doctor Foster' back it will only thrive if we do it at the right time."

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READ: Suranne Jones opens up about Doctor Foster season three

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