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Scarlett Moffatt lands first ever film role 

Scarlett Moffatt has gone from strength to strength since winning I'm a Celebrity in 2016

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Scarlett Moffatt has tweeted her excitement after Caitlin Moran promised her a cameo role in the upcoming adaptation of her popular novel, How to Build a Girl. Confirming that the novel is begin developed into a film, Caitlin tweeted: "Can FINALLY talk about this – what we’ve been working on for the last two years. SCREAMINGLY excited," to which Scarlett, who is a fan of the novel, replied: "Omg omg OMG." The novelist then replied: "I KNOW RIGHT. You still want that cameo? GONNA WRITE YOU IN." The former Gogglebox star seemed thrilled, responding: "Omg yes yes yes!! Can’t even contain my excitement.";


Scarlett will have a cameo role

Lady Bird breakout star Beanie Feldstead has been confirmed for the leading role of Johanna Morrigan, who hopes to become a music journalist. Speaking about the role, she wrote: "The women making this movie are the most warm, bright, powerful, passionate women ever to exist. I've never been more honoured than to join them on this journey to Wolverhampton, England. @caitlinmoran, thank you for creating the girl I get to build. You're astonishing.&quot

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Producer Alison Owen said: "We could not be more excited for Johanna Morrigan to burst onto the big screen. We searched high and low for a girl who could match the boundless wit, sparkle and big heart of Caitlin’s super-heroine and feel incredibly lucky to have found her in the effervescent Beanie Feldstein." Fellow producer Debra Hayward added: "With Coky Giedroyc at the helm of Caitlin’s swashbuckling script, we are blessed to have a director who can deliver all this in spades." Scarlett is having a busy time at the moment after she confirmed she would be reporting on the royal wedding weekend for the BBC. Taking to Instagram to announce the exciting news, she wrote: "So proud to announce I'll be one of the wedding correspondents for the BBC for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's big day. To say I was excited would be an understatement."

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