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Aidan Turner reveals who he upset after shirtless Poldark scene

Aidan Turner spoke about his famous shirtless scene in Poldark - find out what he had to say

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Aidan Turner has opened up about his famous shirtless scene in Poldark, admitting that he fell out with the Scything Association after he didn't think the proper way looked impressive enough! Chatting on the Graham Norton Show, the Ross Poldark actor explaining: "The chairman of the Scything Association came to give me lessons but I didn't think the proper way to do it looked very impressive so I just went for it. He tried to give me notes but I didn't take any notice and he left in a bit of a huff."


Aidan opened up about his shirtless scenes inPoldark

Aidan hinted that there would be another shirtless scene in season five, and opened up about filming the moment, telling the Mirror: "It was pretty cold. It was September and it wasn't pleasant… I have to keep relatively fit just to fit into the costumes." He added that he doesn't mind getting attention for the scenes, joking: "I don't [mind] at all. Go for it." Executive producer Karen Thrussell also opened up about Poldark being 'objectified', explaining: "In the novels he ­swims quite a lot and doesn’t wear anything. We've been very truthful to the books and been quite modest."

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Eleanor Tomlinson, who plays Aidan's onscreen wife, Demelza, recently opened up about their working relationship. Chatting to Red magazine, she said: "We're great mates, although we do row. [We row about] everything - usually our characters. We're both ridiculously protective of them and squabble like an old married couple. Usually it's one of us saying that our character wouldn't behave a certain way. Aidan loves everything being his. But then he loves to wind me up." Speaking about their wages for the show, she added: "We're equal leads of the show, so I'd be pretty upset if the gap hadn't closed."

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