Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain guest calls Piers Morgan 'incompetent' during heated argument

Viewers had a mixed response to the controversial interview

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Journalist Ash Sarkar entered a heated debate with Piers Morgan on Good Evening Britain on Thursday over protesting Donald Trump's UK visit. Speaking about taking part in the protest, Ash explained: "I'll be marching on Westminster tomorrow along with thousands of other people who found the policy of border separation unconscionable." However, Piers disagreed with her decision to object to the US President's arrival, and suggested that she should have protested Obama's visit due to his immigration policies.


Piers and Ash argued with one another

Susanna Reid chimed in, saying: "You do not have to march against everything in order to make a point about one thing," while Piers told Ash: "I'd go and check out some basic facts and your hero, Obama," to which she replied: "He's not my hero! I'm a communist you idiot," causing Susanna to burst out laughing, telling their guest: "You have every right to protest." Ash continued: "Have you ever shared a debate without straw manning your guests, Piers, to make up for your own incompetence as a journalist? You didn't hold Trump adequately to account when you interviewed him… It's embarrassing… Instead what you've done is straw manned your guest, put words in my mouth, and you've deflected from the actual argument at hand."

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Viewers had a mixed reaction to the argument on Twitter, with one writing: "[Piers Morgan] was appalling in that segment. @AyoCaesar has protested about Obama in the past. Morgan came across as misogynistic and bullying. It was extremely uncomfortable to watch. Morgan was unhinged. Needs to pick his battles more wisely he came across badly," while another added: "I actually agree with Piers. These protesters aren't protesting on morality, it's just political anti Trump! If Trump said clouds are blue, they'll protest against that."

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