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How to recreate the signature Kardashian beauty look

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Scroll down for steps on recreating the signature Kardashian beauty look…Keeping Up with the Kardashians will hit screens again this weekend with an all-new season that once again gives fans of the famous family a glimpse into their glamorous lives. The series will see Kim experiencing the ups and downs of pregnancy while she expects her first baby with rapper boyfriend Kanye West, not to mention a drama-filled family holiday to Greece.Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are famous for their glamorous style. In anticipation of the Kardashians returning to our screens, celebrity hair and make-up artist Lyndsey Harrison offers HELLO! Online her tips to achieving the Kardashian look…

HairThe Kardashian sisters are famous for their perennially glossy long locks, with the five sisters all sporting similar styles. Lyndsey reveals her best tips…- "Apply mousse to damp hair. My favourite is Daniel Galvin, it's not sticky and won't make the hair too tacky. Tacky hair will make it impossible to get a brush through it when you start to blow dry- Blow dry your hair with a big round brush, concentrating on directing the hairdryer upwards at the roots to give plenty of lift- After each section is dry, use dust on the roots as it's fantastic for keeping volume in the hair all day and night…in fact the volume will keep until you wash it out!"Make-upThe Kardashian brood often take to Twitter and Instagram to share their beauty looks and most recently Kim posted a picture of her pregnancy lips. Here we talk you though how to get the Kardashian signature make-up look…- "To get Kim's soft kissable lips, I’m an avid fan of Paw Paw, be sure to get hold of some if you’re after that plumped, flirty Kardashian look- Contouring is an absolute essential part of the Kardashian signature look! A bronzer is vital and the most important thing is that it doesn’t contain glitter particles, as you’re sculpting your face not adding sparkle. The bronzer should only be two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Simply follow the line of your cheekbone for real pop! The MAC store has a wide range of good quality bronzers in Cool and Warm shades depending on your skin tone. For instance mum-to-be Kim has a Warm skin tone so I would use Coppertone by MAC

- The Kardashian girls all have such amazing eyebrows, it’s almost impossible to imagine them with anything other than thick, dark, arched eyebrows. Eyebrows make such a difference to the entire balance of your face. Like many, I’m guilty of over-plucking and found myself with little hair to play with a few years ago. I would thoroughly recommend the best permanent make-up artist in London, Tracie Giles, based in Knightsbridge. Failing that, buy a good eyebrow pencil that matches your eyebrow colour to draw on, and finish off with an eyebrow gel- For lovely thick lashes, you can't beat fabulous mascara! My favourite is YSL. It doesn't dry out really fast and makes lashes look like falsies! If you do want to add some extra drama go for some fake eyelashes over the top too – elure are my favourites as they look natural but add volume and length. You’ll notice that the Kardashian girls always have big, bold lashes."Inside tips to achieve the Kardashian look:"The Kardashian girls live in the sunny city of Los Angeles, California, so while we may not be able to take in that glorious sunshine, we can always rely on the sun-kissed magic that comes from a good bottle or spray. Utan has recently been voted the best fake tan but I’ve been using it for a while. It gives a beautiful deep colour and the smell is lovely…you definitely will not regret the purchase!"Staying cool in the warmer months can be tough but I always carry fix spray with me in my hand bag. It freshens up my make up and cools me down! There is nothing worse than spending ages getting ready only to have make-up drip down your face in the heat."

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 7 is out on DVD from June 24th (available on pre-order now at Check out Lyndsey Harrison's website

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