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We just met Kourtney Kardashian and she dished all her beauty secrets...

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Sitting in the penthouse of the swanky London Edition hotel on Wednesday afternoon, team HELLO! Fashion was pretty excited.

We were about to meet Kourtney Kardashian, reality megastar and one of our biggest style crushes, over afternoon tea – it was a bit of a 'pinch me' moment...

The excitement was palpable as she walked in. Tiny and petite, her skin is seriously glowing and she wore a huge smile as she greeted us individually.

We were delighted to meet the eldest Kardashian sister

After swapping outfits compliments, it was time to get down to the business of beauty.

The 37-year-old (just FYI – she barely looks 27!), who is the new global ambassador of natural skincare line Manuka Doctor, opened up about her make-up tips, skincare secrets and biggest beauty faux pas – you're welcome...

My no. 1 skincare tip...I always sleep on a satin pillowcase. Always – I've done it for 20 years and I just think it's one of the best things you can do to prevent ageing. You should also try and sleep on your back, not smush your face, but I find that almost impossible to do.

The Instagram maestro (she has over 42 million followers!) gave us a few #selfie tips

Keep your skincare simple...If I use too many products, I break out. And when I do break out, I get into panic mode and use a scrub, a mask, try putting some alcohol on, maybe some hydrogen peroxide... But it's definitely best to just keep it simple. I use a cleanser, a toner and apply the Manuka Doctor oil around my eyes because that area tends to get quite dry. I always wear SPF every single day.

My biggest beauty faux pas...I don't like it when I do too much make-up. And I remember going to an event where I wore a red lip, crazy dark eyes with the longest lashes and had a high bun. It was just too much all at once.

With make-up, I like to play it safe...If I wear a red lip, I like to wear almost nothing on the eyes. Personally, I love that look.

The star dished on all her make-up tips and tricks

I also love beautiful skin. When I do my own make-up, it looks like I don't even have make-up on and I love that. I used to wear heavier make-up on my skin but when you see people in person wearing that, you just look crazy!

Everyone went through that thing of major contour and highlighting and now i just think it looks a bit crazy.

My make-up tips...I love the black Beauty Blender sponge – it makes putting on make-up really easy. I also think curling your lashes if a quick thing to do that makes you look more awake and alive. If I don't have much time to get ready, I skip the lips and apply the Manuka Doctor lipgloss because it has plumper in it too.

Kourtney cited this look as her beauty faux pas

My diet is very natural...What you eat is so important. I never understand when people use all –natural skin products but don't eat a certain way... I started with the eating and it's definitely evolved into skincare.

I notice that when I cheat, I really feel the difference. When I went to Disneyland a couple of weeks ago, I had a churro – it was my cheat time – and after that, I was ready for bed. I had no energy.

Penelope is healthy too...Penelope [Kourtney's daughter] loves healthy eating because I was so into it when she was born. She'll eat everything I eat – green juice, salad, avocado pudding, salmon... It's great.

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