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Andie MacDowell talks ageing in a youth-obsessed society

The actress says her glowing complexion is down to her love of juicing and clean living

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Andie MacDowell believes it can be hard for older women to find beauty in a society that "glorifies" youth. The 59-year-old actress looks much younger than her years, and boasts a glowing complexion and luscious locks which are in part down to her love of juicing and clean living.

Talking to W magazine about her beauty outlook, Andie explained: “Finding beauty as mature women in a culture that glorifies youth can be challenging but we don't have any other choice if we want to be happy.

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"Time is precious and cannot be wasted and there are so many aspects of maturity that are outrageously gorgeous. Don't look back unless it is to see how far you've come."

As well as growing her own wheatgrass and avoiding man-made packaged foods, Andie also makes sure she keeps on top of her exercise regime. She shared that her fitness "obsession" is hiking and yoga, and she gets so much more out of nature walks than she does hitting the gym.

andie beauty

Andie MacDowell, 59, says her glowing complexion is down to her love of juicing and clean living

"I do go to the gym because I can push myself hard and get a fast sweat, but hiking does more for you than just exercise - your cortisol levels are balanced by walking in nature," the Four Weddings and a Funeral star stated.

"Yoga can be extremely athletic and I do advance yoga, so my body really gets a strong workout, but that's not the only reason I do it. Yoga balances your hormones, calms your nervous system and can change your perspective on life in a positive way. Yoga makes you less stressful and when you're less stressed you look more beautiful, it shows on your face. Hiking and yoga make you much more beautiful person."

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