Michelle Keegan's holiday hair looks INCREDIBLE - here's how to recreate it

In another instalment of #AlexApproved, our beauty influencer Alex Light reveals who gets her seal of approval. This week it's all about Michelle Keegan, who showed off her natural beachy waves on Instagram. Over to you, Alex...

I don’t know about you, but I get so tired of doing my hair and make-up day in, day out and year round (especially being a blogger and often on camera!) that when it comes to holiday, I go as minimal as I can. I get an eyelash tint beforehand so that I don’t look totally bald sans mascara, and I just leave my hair to its own devices.

Michelle Keegan is a girl after my own heart. The Our Girl actress and utter babe (also SUCH a nice person – I’ve interviewed her a few times and #girlcrush) is currently away in Marbella and showed off her gorgeous, naturally curly hair in a stunning Instagram video. Sidenote: the video currently has 500k views and I’m pretty sure 489k are from me.

Anyway. I’m obsessed with her hair like that – it’s so beachy, effortless and natural and it’s a look that is actually fairly easy to recreate if, like me, you don’t happen to have access to the beach *sob*. Here’s how…

"This is a lovely look to opt for when you’re on holiday, but It’s also a great option for when your hair needs a break from constant heat styling," says celebrity hair expert Siobhan Jones, who is the Headmasters Colour Ambassador. "Best of all, it’s so easy to recreate this look at home. First, apply a generous amount of sea salt spray – my top pick is the Kerastase Spray-a-Porter – or sea water does the job just as well. Twist a small section of hair in your fingers, cup the twisted hair in your hand and blast it with a hairdryer.

"Replicate this with every section of hair and you’ll be left with a gorgeous, natural and non-frizzy wave."

I’ve got another top tip for you from Creative Stylist Jamie Lynn at Trevor Sorbie: "You want to avoid any frizz, so steer clear of brushes and instead use a wide toothcomb." Right, noted.

Gotta go guys - running home to try this out - but I'll be back next week with another instalment of #AlexApproved but in the meantime, here's a video of me basically recreating this look a few months ago with the Lee Stafford Coco Loco Wand. Enjoy!