Jennifer Aniston: 'Dating Justin has made me gain weight!'

It seems even A-listers aren't immune to the common problem of putting on weight in a new relationship.

Jennifer Aniston has revealed that since meeting now-fiancé Justin Theroux, she has gained a few pounds.

"Like, hello! Carbonara. It's a killer. The last couple of years since meeting this man have made me gain a couple extra pounds. But it's all worth it," she said during an interview with People Magazine.


"It catches up to you, and you take care of it," she continued. "But it's still fun. It was all in the name of love."

Jennifer recently opened up about her diet and exercise regime in an interview with Self Magazine.

"I get up and allow 40 minutes to work out," she said. "Cross training with sit-ups, running weights."


Carbonara isn't her only vice – she also loves nachos. "The food I love so much that if I dropped it on the floor, I'd eat it anyway, is a nacho," she said. "I fry the chips myself – just take a tortilla, cut it into triangles and throw them in coconut oil."

Jennifer has been more forthcoming with speaking about her relationship with Justin recently.

In an interview with E! Online, she revealed that he likes to use her beauty and skincare products.

"It's hysterical. What product doesn't he try to hijack?" the actress laughed.

"He's good to his skin, that's for sure. It's always, 'what are you using, what is that?' It's cute."

Jennifer, who was recently announced as the face of beauty brand Aveeno, also revealed that she shares the products with her friends, including TV talk show host Chelsea Handler.

"I always share, especially with Chelsea," she said.