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Charlize Theron reveals her secret to staying in shape

charlize theron fitness secrets
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Charlize Theron is adamant that exercise will never be a chore for her. The Mad Max: Fury Road actress is known for her toned physique, which she shows off both on the silver screen and in campaigns for Dior's J'adore perfume. Explaining how she keeps in shape, Charlize insists it's all about making fitness fun.

Revealing that she does two 90-minute sessions of power yoga a week along with two spin classes up to four times, she told Red magazine: "I've always believed if you find something you love, exercise won't be a shore. I love anything outdoorsy. My mom recently got me to play tennis, which I wasn't good at, but really enjoyed. If you do exercise you enjoy you're keeping yourself fit without even realising it."

charlize theron fitness secrets

Charlize Theron says the secret to staying in shape is making fitness fun

The 41-year-old star is a little more laid-back when it comes to her beauty routine though, noting a spot of sun protection and a little bit of make-up is enough to see her through the day. She likes to indulge when she has time though, joking that when her two kids are asleep she can push the boat out with exfoliating and a rich moisturiser.

But the real key is healthy eating, as she added: "I have juices and kale and green salads every day. When I'm eating healthily, getting enough sleep and not drinking alcohol, what's when I look my best. That's when I'm happiest and I think it shows."

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Further discussing some life lessons she's learnt over the years, Charlize shared that going easy on herself makes life more enjoyable, and she admitted that she may have been happier in her 20s if she'd simply slowed down and taken a breath.

"I didn't know how to be good to myself," she sighed. "I was in such a rush, it put me in a constant state of anxiety. I wish I'd taken the time to enjoy everything."

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