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Spider-Man: Homecoming star Marisa Tomei reveals her secret to looking youthful at 52

Marisa Tomei
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Marisa Tomei is mindful of what she eats as knows how important food is to feeling and looking good. The Oscar-winning actress has barely aged since she first found fame in the '80s, and now looks better than ever thanks to her understanding of healthy eating.

When asked by what her secrets to looking good are, the 52-year-old star explained that she has adopted an "inside-out" approach. "By that, I mean what you put into your body is even more crucial than what you're doing in terms of your exterior," she explained. "What I eat and how I connect with my body feed my external. Right before the press tour (for Spider-Man: Homecoming), I went to Greece for a few weeks because I was at a stressful point in my personal life. I got really relaxed, which really helped (me)! I try to eat seasonal, local, and organic foods as much as possible, almost all the time."

Marisa Tomei

Marisa Tomei revealed her diet and fitness secrets

She also gets regular exercise and favours hiking, gymnastics-based calisthenics, and yoga. But what really helps her feel great is meditation. "Moving meditation, like dance meditation, makes me feel at home in my skin; it helps me on a spiritual, mental, and, ultimately, physical level," she said. "The cornerstone of it all is the inner stuff."

As for beauty and pampering treatments, Marisa has recently tried out infrared saunas, and is a fan of skin brushing and the nourishing products from Persephenie.

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